Noisebleed (EP)

by Eraserhead

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(EP) "Noisebleed". Seis músicas gravadas ao vivo, exceto a voz, no RMS Estúdio em Agudos-SP, sob o selo da Platonic(A) Musick(A) e Subverta Distro & Records.


released September 13, 2016

Igor Condi: voz, baixo, letras
Jeferson Dezembro: guitarra
Michael Almeida: bateria

Mixagem por Reinaldo Moreira
Arte das plantas: Raphael Bragiato
Arte da capa: Medizinhistorisches Museum, Zürich



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Eraserhead Brazil

Brazilian noise rock band.
Igor Condi (bass/vocals)
Jeferson Dezembro (guitar/vocals)
Michael Almeida (drums)

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Track Name: Hole
Get along
Find love in you
Get along
Find love in you
Get along
Nothing real is good
Get along
Get along

When late at night and I can't find my friends, they're probably down in the basement

Get along
Find love in you
Get along
Now you feel it through
Get along
Let your nature bloom
Get along
Stay alone

Help me take away this pain
The meds are in the frying pan
Boiling 'till it turns insane
Sink it now in your big old vein.
Track Name: Run Away From The White Indian
Track Name: Mickey & Mallory
Mickey: 0:00-4:40

Have a sake in mind and lead
We're not allowed to be here
My baby's got some lines to say
Don't waste time, embrace your fate

Now we are in a killing row
Loving like when we're near and past the earth
So we cannot stay in touch

Now we are in a killing row
Screaming 'bout all the things that makes her mad
But she loves to feel the air

Now we are in a killing row
Loving like when we're beating down these folk
My blood boils when we're near as such

So I split myself in two
Tried to see if this dream would last some more
Turns out to be a deadly call...

Mallory: 4:40-8:15
Track Name: Headcrab
Throw a rock at my head
I'm asking for it
There's a little cancer
In my stomach again
Feels anticipation
It's devouring me

Drain me through my brain, yeah
I'm happy and clean
They're crawling and I know that
All the want are my limbs
Help me put a knife in
Your scrotum skin

Just nature doing it's thing again
Don't matter when she past away
Just nature doing it's thing, again....
Track Name: Ceaseless Discharge
She makes me Ahhh

As her body became more thin, more closer she went in, her skin I should have never seen
She gave herself, with no one around us, the day passed as we lost the hour

Whenever she wants it, and dreams it, it happens, whenever as it may seems to be
Her brain scattered, mind fragile, could you please just give it to me?

Anywhere, anywhere
Anywhere, anywhere
Anywhere and it's fair, I don't care, no one sees it through

Now she makes it again, completely sane, another mistake misshappen then
No matter where you've been to, I put you in the kernel, along with a knife and a pack of red camels.
Track Name: Om
I have this debt for a long time
It's always with me
Morning flavored breath and
Moist me

I cannot hear your voice when
The sea sinks the ship
There's a lot of noise here
Muffled screams by the wind

So I'll spend some time on
Take another see
Inside the egg I can now
Rest easily...


As long as we're free
And aware of self-consciousness
Behind this tree
Where no one can join us
Are we going to space?
Are we going to my place?
I can guess if you say:
"Lots of places to begin again."